Storytelling for Intercultural Reflection

A Workshop for Self-Exploration

Telling stories about our own lives is an ancient way to convey values, share history, and explore meaning. Ask people to tell a story about something important that happened to them, and you set them aloft into an exploration of things they didn't know they knew. We will explore a number of ways to use storytelling in training to help people reflect on their cultural values and intercultural experience. The primary focus will be on telling one's own experience, but we will also explore the telling of metaphorical stories to convey meaning. You will leave the workshop with the beginnings of your own intercultural autobiography and the tools to help others explore theirs.

Designed for:
Intercultural trainers, coaches, therapists, writers, educators, and anyone involved in exploring intercultural journeys.

Facilitated by:
Dr. Anne Copeland, Executive Director of The Interchange Institute, clinical psychologist, and intercultural writer

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore their own intercultural histories, orally and in writing, using a series of prompts and activities
  • Learn from others in the workshop about different intercultural pathways to understanding
  • Learn how to use storytelling prompts and activities to help others tell their stories
  • Understand the power of knowing multiple stories about other cultures and their own

Structured learning experiences will include:

  • Brief lectures and group discussions to clarify concepts and applications
  • Interactive exercises that illustrate concepts and applications
  • Learning from master writers and storytellers through video and audio channels
  • Written and oral storytelling in response to various prompts
  • Examination of cultural concepts revealed in everyday stories


Upcoming Live Workshops
October 9, 2016 in Dublin, Ireland, co-sponsored by Duquesne University
November 16, 2016 in Washington, DC, co-sponsored by English Now!

On-Line Workshops
Groups of 6-8 participants will convene on-line weekly for four weeks, with short, personal writing assignments in between. During the on-line meetings, groups will get to know each other by sharing their stories, guided by a careful progression of prompts from the facilitator.


$500 for US live workshops. 500 euros or 415 GBP for live European workshops.


Payment for the course completes registration.

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