Crossing Cultures with Competence              

Training of Trainers Program........Two Day Cross Cultural Seminar

  • learn the strategies and techniques you need to offer in-depth and culture-specific cross-cultural orientations
  • take advantage of the opportunity to be trained in the cross-cultural field by the Executive Director of The Interchange Institute, Anne P. Copeland, Ph.D.
  • add cultural skills to your knowledge base
  • supplement your existing cross cultural training program
  • ease employees' transition to a new country
Already completed your interview with Dr. Copeland? Proceed to our registration page for Crossing Cultures with Competence.
Continue reading to find out if the course is right for you.
An advanced, Level 2, course is also available, for graduates of Crossing Cultures with Competence.

"Anne is a real pro; she is honest, well-informed, the subject is second nature to her and she shares her knowledge with passion and integrity. She brought in so many new ideas to communication styles and the energy with the Team was excellent. I would recommend the course to anyone who is interested in opening new horizons about cross-cultural concepts."

Yasemin Kunze-Concewitz, Managing Partner, YKC/Bosphorus Relocation




Crossing Cultures with Competence is structured for professionals who already have significant relevant work, personal, and/or academic intercultural expertise. See our Advice on Pursuing an Intercultural Career for suggestions about how to prepare for and build on this training course. Registration is an individualized process, to ensure a good match between your skills and the course's focus and level. Please read the description below and see specific registration procedures at the end. Also available is a two page summary of the course.

Current Schedule

Schedule for Upcoming Training Sessions:
October 17-18, 2019 in Washington, DC (co-sponsored by English Now!)
December 5-6, 2019 in Boston, MA

Please watch this site for details or contact us to learn of confirmed dates and locations as they are announced.

Attendee Course Evaluations

Program useful, 4.9

Material high quality, 4.9
Trainer effective at presenting material, 5.0
Trainer well prepared, 4.9

"We all have dreams. Sometimes our dreams are a few miles away and other times they're bigger than us, bigger than the world we live in. To reach out your dreams you'll need people in your life who push you forward. They give you the knowledge, support and competence that help you to turn your dreams into reality. Thank you, Dr. Anne, for offering this one of a kind course, Crossing Cultures with Competence. If you want to learn about other cultures including your own, changing the lens and being able to spot the blind spots, then this is the right course for you. Thank you, Dr. Anne, for being so generous to give your knowledge, wisdom and experience without limitation."

Rehab Abbas, Cross-Cultural Coach, EConnectwest , October 2015

Who Should Attend:
If you are...:
  • A trainer who wants to add cross cultural skills to your toolbox
  • A human resources manager aiming to ease employee' transitions to a new country and wanting to control quality and cost by keeping the training in-house
  • A mental health service provider wanting a new way to promote inter- cultural understanding
  • A life or professional coach looking for additional services to offer your clients
  • An interculturalist who could use a ready-to-go kit to deliver cultural orientations
  • An educator who works with international students and scholars and their families

    ...then you'll find Crossing Cultures with Competence the ideal program. You will learn how to train others to:
  • Understand the roots of the cultural differences in their host country, so they can work more productively
  • Recognize when they are experiencing culture shock and develop a plan to ease their own transition to a new country
  • Learn about their host country's history, government, economics, demographics and educational and social issues, so they can communicate knowledgeably with host nationals
  • Look at their own cultural history and values so they can see how these affect their interactions with others
  • And much more
Who attends our Crossing Cultures with Competence training?
We're proud of our graduates and the work they're doing. Take a look at a sample.
About half our alumni are free-lance cross-cultural trainers and/or in the relocation support field, and come to us for new ideas, fresh materials, and two days of concentrated learning about how to help expatriates make the transition to a new culture
Over 20% are educators, from public and international schools and other non-profit agencies that offer educational programs for internationals
  About 20% are from corporations and other organizations' HR departments and between 5 and 10% are from government and/or military agencies, all there to learn how to help the transition of their own global employees  
And a light sprinkling of fascinating others.
Attendees learn how to administer a variety of training activities, from interactive, engaging simulations to theory- and research-based self-reflections.
What You'll Get:
  • A detailed trainer guide to lead you through three modules -- Host Country Overview, Culture and Communication, and Managing the Transition
  • In-depth and carefully researched host country overview for the United States -- a model you can adapt for other countries
  • Supervised practice and certification in the use of the materials
  • A trainee workbook that you can duplicate in unlimited numbers for future orientations -- comes as a PDF file on your USB flash drive
  • Instructions on how to design cross cultural orientations for trainees with differing needs, cultural expectations and learning styles
  • Background readings on orientation topics
  • 100+ PowerPoint slides (on USB flash drive) to supplement the orientation

Plus All This:

  • A needs assessment tool to gather information prior to delivering the orientation
  • An evaluation tool so you can continue to learn how to deliver the most effective training
  • A training bag for storing cards, books and materials
  • Tips for tailoring the orientation to suit each particular group of trainees
  • Recommended resources and readings
  • Suggested schedules for adapting the materials for half-day, 1-day, 2-day, 3-day or a series of two-hour orientation sessions
  • Sample materials and proposals you can you to market cross-cultural orientations in your community or organization
  • A list of resources to facilitate your continued learning about cross-cultural issues
  • Discounts on materials from The Interchange Institute for one year.

"The materials produced by The Interchange Institute are invaluable to the international visitors at my workplace: Brookhaven National Laboratory. We have hundred of visitors from around the world. Many of these visiting scientists bring their spouses and families to live with them. As the "English for Speakers of Other Languages" coordinator, I have been able to utilize the Welcome Files, Newcomer's Almanac and the Crossing Cultures with Competence training materials, including a great Powerpoint presentation) in my ESOL classroom. The students very much enjoy reading the materials and they make great lesson plans too! Thanks to Anne Copeland and The Interchange Institute team for producing such useful, educational and interesting materials.
Jennifer Lynch, ESOL Program Coordinator, Brookhaven National Laboratory

And That's Not All! Our Program Continues To Work For You Long After You've Completed It. You Also Benefit From:

  • Access to telephone or email follow-up consultations with Dr. Anne P. Copeland
  • Periodic communications from The Interchange Institute about its latest research and activities
  • An opportunity to receive future updates to orientation material
  • Membership in an on-going virtual network of past graduates of the course for sharing resources and training opportunities.


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Day 1 Workshop Schedule

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Program includes morning & afternoon coffee breaks and lunch.

Considerations in Designing a Cross-Cultural Orientation

    Designing and delivering an orientation for someone from another culture

    Understanding one's own cultural values before discussing someone else's

    Assessing an individual or family's needs prior to their cross-cultural orientation

Host Country Overview

    Researching, designing and delivering an effective Host Country Overview

    Preparing newcomers to understand the social issues and current events of their new countries

    Delivering need-to-know information about a host country's educational, political, and social systems

Culture and Communication

    Learning a vocabulary for discussing cultural differences

    Understanding how cultural values affect communication styles, habits and attitudes at work and home

    Comprehending and using different cultural perspectives

Day 2 Workshop Schedule

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Program includes morning & afternoon coffee breaks and lunch.

Culture and Communication (continued)

Learning Style preferences of Trainers and Trainees

How a trainers' learning style preferences affect training design

Planning a balanced and varied training agenda

Managing the Transition

    Helping families manage the challenges of moving to a new country

    Paying close attention to the needs of dual career families and accompanying partners and spouses

Delivering a Cross-Cultural Orientation

    Planning an orientation with the right length and focus to suit your trainees' needs

    Facilitating activities, role plays, card-sorting and self-assessment tools

    Communicating high-level thoughts in easy, non-idiomatic English

Making Use of Your New Skills

    Convincing people to come to (and pay for) cross-cultural orientations

    Pricing, freelancing and sub-contracting

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I really learn to be a cross-cultural trainer in just two days?
A: No and yes! No, you won't be trained to do in-depth cultural consultation. But YES, you will be able to offer effective cross-cultural orientations. Our programs have strict admissions criteria, so you will be building on your existing expertise.

Q: Can I just buy the materials and skip the two-day training?
A: No, the materials are not available unless you've attended the training. Graduates of the course may be able to purchase a second set of materials under some circumstances.

Q: Can others in my organization use the materials?
A: Each person who uses the materials must be trained by The Interchange Institute. However, if more than one person in your organization wishes to be trained, you can get a discount by sharing the written material.

Q: What if my organization wants to have more than one person attend?
A: Great! We offer discounts for two or more attendees from the same organization. See additional information in our "Registration" section. Or contact us to discuss a customized offering at your own facility.

Q: Who will conduct the training?
A: Anne P. Copeland, PhD, Executive Director of The Interchange Institute, conducts all of the Crossing Cultures with Competence training herself.

Q: When will you be coming to my city?
A: We set our training dates and locations several months in advance. Please check our schedule for upcoming courses. And let us know if you'd like a course in your area; we'll take this into consideration as we make future plans.


Registration Procedure

If all this sounds good to you, or if you have questions, please:

Contact us to arrange for a conversation between you and Anne Copeland (ideally by telephone or Skype, but email can work too). Let us know about your intercultural background and how you hope to use the training materials.

Once we both agree that this is a good match for you, please go to our registration page to complete your enrollment including payment.

We have an early registration discount price of $1295 up to 6 weeks before the training. After the discount period ends the price is $1395. Included in this is $250 non-refundable registration fee. NOTE: Pricing for international locations will be different. Also registration deadlines may be different for international locations. Please contact us to confirm exact price and registration deadlines.

Discounts are available for two people from the same organization attending the training together. Additional discounts are offered if only one training kit is provided to the organization. Call (617-566-2227) or contact us for additional information.

Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel:

As noted above, we have a $250 non-refundable registration fee.

Requests made two weeks before the workshop will receive full credit toward future workshops or a full refund minus the $250 registration fee.

Requests made two weeks or less before the workshop will be credited with $1045 toward a future training course

If we need to cancel:

You will receive a full refund of your tuition or the opportunity to sign up for another training course. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance for the unlikely chance that the training is cancelled.

Late Registration:$50 surcharge for registration after the deadline. For registration less than one week before the workshop, please contact us.



Below you'll find comments from some of our past attendees.

"I'd highly recommend this program for all ranges of experience. It provided in-depth information that will help me build and reformat my own cross-cultural trainings. The presentations and activities targeted a variety of learning styles and comfort zones. This is the best professional development training I have attended. Anne is truly a professional, with a wealth of knowledge that has given me the confidence to progress in my career.."
Tasha Arnold, Learning Specialist. September 2017

"I risk letting my Home Culture show through my enthusiastic feedback about my experience of "Crossing Cultures with Competence" training but here goes. Anne Copeland, of The Interchange Institute, offers her students an invaluable gift. Instead of offering bits of pieces of something that might never be reassembled again, she gives you the materials, and then shows you clearly how her tools work and you create successful synthesis in real time. Although humble and straightforward in her storytelling of successes and failures one cannot fail to see that she is in fact giving us her life's work to build our own upon. This generosity of spirit is rare in my experiences Iof corporate environments. It is exactly this generosity of spirit and dignified confirmation of each student's innate knowledge that makes this training so special. It is through the kindness of strangers and the hard work of ourselves and others that we progress and have even the faintest chance of making the world a better place. She creates the safe space to do just that. My life journey and vision have been sharpened. I am grateful for my experience with the 5 extraordinary and inspirational women I trained with. Thank you Anne for your sage advice, and thank you to our training group."
Andrea Offner, Founder, Sound Practices International. September 2017

"After the first day of training, I called my boss and told her this was better than we ever could have hoped for. The course flew by – it wasn’t long enough, only because I could keep learning for years. Anne is so engaging and agreeable, her course is so thorough and organized, and I can’t recommend her enough."
Sean Sutton, Cultural Competency Coordinator, Bromberg & Associates, July 2015

"I had heard great things about Anne’s program, so I came with Big Expectations – and I must say, they have been exceeded! I’ve attended many professional development trainings and I can honestly say that I have never received such high quality, well-organized, ready-to-use training materials and tools. Beyond the great resources, however, what really stood out was the depth of Anne’s knowledge and experience in the cross-cultural field; her passion and commitment to supporting people who are “crossing cultures;” and the grace, creativity and flexibility she demonstrates as a facilitator and educator. As an experienced interculturalist, I left with what I came for – new ideas; more confidence; rejuvenation; and inspiration."
Christy Herlick Gibson, Executive Coach and Intercultural Trainer, Ambitions Abroad, July 2015

"I had many eye-opening moments during this training – just as much about my own cross-cultural experiences as about how to present this content in a training. This training of trainers is perfect for everybody who would raise their own awareness and would like to share it with others. The materials you will get are absolutely stunning, motivating, very very interesting and so well researched and worked out. This will make providing intercultural trainings so much easier. Highly recommended!"
Elke Fillafer, July 2015

"The workshop was a great experience! I enjoyed every minute of it. The material that Anne gives her trainees is fabulous. She does all the work for us. It's easy to follow, and to adapt to make your own. The training was fun, informative, and very interactive. When you leave, you feel confident that you can go out there and offer your services."
Sabrina Toglia, May 2015

"Dr. Anne P. Copeland's CCWC Train the Trainers 2 day course is a fast track, comprehensive, well-placed and well executed program for seasoned cross cultural trainers looking for additional upgrading as well as new consultants desiring more knowledge on subject."
Isabelle Min, March 2014

"The course content is extremely well put together and literally gives you all the tools you would need from detailed instruction for activities in the trainer's manual down to supplying the props and equipment you will use."
Clare Jones de Rocco, January 2014

"I feel very grateful and privileged to have been part of the very first Crossing Cultures workshop in 2003 and then to have the opportunity to host Level 1 and II eleven years later! The content of the material has been expanded and revised yet the overall program has remained over these years THE Training of Trainers program to take if you are in the intercultural field."
Saskia Meckman, Owner/Intercultural Trainer, Soleil Intercultural, January 2014

"Attending the cross-cultural training opened my eyes to so many of the dimensions that we must consider and be sensitive to when communicating, working, interacting with ALL people. The training content itself was invaluable and the training experience was so engaging, hands--on and fun that I never for a moment 'zoned out' --as we all must admit can happen so easily! It help me set up a pilot program for helping our new staff, coming in from countries all over the world, as they deal with such issues as relocation, culture shock, and communication."
Patricia Giannola, High School Resource HOD, ACS Cobham International School, United Kingdom, June 2013

"Even though I came to this workshop with a strong background in intercultural relations, Anne's program has boosted my confidence and given me a trangible model of how to get started in the field."
Nikola Otlans, June 2013

"The Crossing Cultures with Competence training program lead by Anne Copeland is excellent. Anne imparts knowledge and insight about working as a cultural trainer. I particularly appreciated the innovative and practical exercises which will complement the materials I use. In addition, the interaction with and sharing by the other participants is very beneficial."
Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly, Director, Business English & Cross Cultural Consulting, February 2013

"It took me over a year to try to compile information to conduct a cross-cultural training. I found exactly the right information and even in excess at the training with Dr. Anne Copeland."
Thomas Obeng, Student, SIT Graduate School December 2012

"This intercultural training opportunity provided me with new resources to use in my college classes. Also, it helped remind me of points I should be making that I had almost forgotten because I take many of the cross-cultural principles for granted. I felt at home in discussions with like-minded professions in the intercultural arena."
Sylvia Walters, Faculty, Communication, Davidson County Community College, December 2012

"This program was very helpful in gaining insight into effectively orienting expatirates to a new culture. The concentration on history and ties through the host county culture was especially valuable and not something I thought is typically considered by other cross cultural training programs."
Katie Auffenorde, Manager, Supply Chain, Dwellworks October 2012

"This workshop is relevant for not only working with expats to and from America, but can be used for a wide variety of audiences and countries. It's about everyday life and how to better understand each other and the world around us."
Candace Miller, October 2012

"Normally I drift away on courses, but switching between active and passive activities gave me the opportunity to stay focused."
Nadia El-Gendi, Teamhoordinator/Project Manager, Government June 2012

"I would strongly recommend the CCWC course for anybody working in the cross cultural field. Anne's material is so well-structured, interesting and useful for anyone dealing with cross-cultural issues."
Helene Loft, Social Anthropologist, SI, Denmark June 2012

"A great course that exceeded my expectations on every level. The material we received was well-thought out, and will be very useful in my work, as well as opening up new paths. It was also inspiring to met other people working in this field."
Karen Janet Nielsen, Social Anthropologist, Sociallageinstitutionen June 2012

"As a leadership coach and consultant who has worked and lived internationally, I found the Crossing Cultures with Competence training of trainers workshop to be very well-organized and comprehensive. A big plus to this program is the emphasis it puts--not only on the more obvious aspects of intercultural orientation--but also on the more "hidden dimensions" of culture, and the emotional and psychological impacts that invariably result from living and working in a culture that is different from one's own. Anne Copeland is well-versed in the material and an excellent model; she demonstrated her mastery of both content and practice throughout the workshop. At the end one leaves with a thoughtfully crafted toolkit of training guides, workbooks and support materials, access to a peer network, and recommendations on where to offer intercultural training services. All this adds up to an excellent preparation, well worth the investment"
Martha Hopewell, Founder & Principal, Seven Centers Leadership Consulting June 2012

I have been delivering 'Cultural Orientation' and 'Re-Entry' seminars in Europe for the past year. 'Crossing Cultures with Competence' training provided me with new ways to present information to create a more effective learning experience. Supporting materials such as worksheets and interactive exercises will be invaluable to help future participants in my seminars understand their own cultural references, and identify and bridge cultural gaps. My own cultural self-awareness deepened during the course, which will enrich my future client interactions. Thank you, Anne and The Interchange Institute, for your professionalism, and for sharing a wealth of experience and resources."
Nancy Lind, SwissEtude, Geneva/Lausanne, Switzerland, March 2012

"I flew all the way from London, and it's all worth it! I gained a lot in two days. Anne explained everything very clearly with good examples. Having other participants from different cultural and professional backgrounds enriched the discussions we had in the class. I am going home with a bag full of ideas."
Anggie Hall, January 2012

"I recommend this course to anyone working or thinking about working cross-culturally. As an independent consultant I found the material very complementary to my model of intercultural leadership development."
Marianna Holman, Darmina Group, January 2012

"The training is well worth the investment! Anne is great! Well-organized and keeps the workshop on target and on task!"
Celina Baldwin, Compassion International, January 2012

"The knowledge base, learning and teaching techniques provide a thorough spectrum of the challenges faced by individuals and groups for cross cultural understanding."
Sujata Chaudhry, Tangible Development, January 2012

"As a person who works with international officers everyday, this course has taken my skill set to the next level, allowing me to provide better service for my internationals. I now feel more comfortable, confident, and competent about my cross-cultural skills and role as a trainer for others. Excellent course."
Dionne Whitby, National Defense University, October 2011

"I am very happy to have taken the Training of Trainers workshop; it is a great enriching tool for cross-cultural trainers. The materials prepared and included in the workshpare very useful and well organized. I liked how theyt tke in consideration the different learning styles."
Veronica Hall, Keystone Intercultural Services, October 2011

"The course was great, very informative. The materials are great for someone looking to be a subcontractor or go out on your own."
Elizabethe Becker, National Defense University, October 2011

"The workshop simply and directly made connections between working across the cultures and the value of a reflective approach to understanding others."
National Defense University, October 2011

"This workshop provided me with materials, resources, and the know-how to effectively discuss the importance of cultural awareness and to coach others on crossing cultures. I immediately applied what I learned from this workshop to my role in a global business setting. The delivery and training methodology are world class! I highly recommend The Interchange Institute."
Betsy Hedstrom Khan, June 2011

"I have been in the consulting/training business for over 20 years and this is one of the most beneficial classes as a result of the content and delivery of the program."
Patricia Tedesco, President, The Executive Training and Development Group, Inc., June 2011

"The course was everything I hoped it would be and more. The materials provided are invaluable for developing my own course for the people I will train. Anne is extremely knowledgeable in the cross-cultural field and a very good educator. I truly enjoyed the course"
Seema Lynch, co-founder, xpat2xpat, June 2011

"This has been the best course to help me with my English as a Second Language teaching--I will take all of this and incorporate it into an orientation course for my university's new international students. Highly recommend anyone who works with international companies take this class."
Mary Gebhart, Kettering University, June 2011

"One of the most organized, comprehensive and informative (courses) as it pertains to crossing cultures. I found these two days to be such a wonderful and productive use of my time."
Amy Parrinello, June 2011

"Anne has a wonderful presence -- calm, responsive, intelligent, quick on her feet, non-judgmental...all attributes that make her an excellent trainer in a complex and sensitive subject. On top of her modeling how to be an effective trainer, she is generous with her materials and has a wealth of information to impart. I very much appreciated this opportunity and will incorporate many examples and exercises in future cross cultural trainings."
Alison Farquhar, GTL Coaching and Consulting, April 2011

"I was very favorably impressed by the organization's high level of professionalism before the training, which lead up to a very enriching and fruitful two-day workshop. I enjoyed every moment of it. Anne had the perfect pulse on our group and knew exactly what chords to strike and when. She led us very professionally through the programme, making us feel all the time that she was very concerned and focused on the challenges of our personal and professional path. She is a very generous trainer and provided us a wealth of useful information.
Claudia Landini, Founder, www.expatclic.com, April 2011

"Anne's material is extremely well researched, carefully put together and usable right away. What a wonderful opportunity to learn from her extensive experience and be able to apply it."
Elisebeth Weingraber-Pircher, Intercultural trainer and executive coach, April 2011

"Anne did an amazing job incorporating all of the relevant cultural elements into a 2 day program. We felt like we walked away with a week's worth of information! This training program will be very useful not only for Assignees but also for our DSP consultants."
Brenda Levis, President, NYC Navigator, April 2011

"This workshop was one of the most content-rich programs I've ever attended. The amount of relevant and varied information will provide my company with a very professional and knowledgeable base for moving forward into cultural transitional programming for foreign nationals in our region. Worth every penny...and then some!."
Angela McNerney, President, Tech Valley Connect, Inc., April 2011

"Thank you so much! The workshop exceeded my expectations and Anne was a wonderful trainer. I enjoyed the two days at the workshop and learned a great deal. It helped me to think about new ideas, offerings, and how I can use the materials in my work. (The quality of the materials is impressive!) I will be recommending the workshop to others for sure."
Agata Gluszek, Parlez Consulting, January 2011

"While I had some resources already for planning and delivering various types of programs, this workshop provides comprehensive, organized, high useable and adaptable materials to take with you. Anne is obviously highly expereienced and we-regarded within the intercultral community. In every way worthwhile! Thank you!."
Jen Fletcher, January 2011

"What an inspiring, thought-provoking and energizing experience. Anne was a wonderful presenter, striking a balance between educating us, and allowing us the time to discuss and explore the ideas she presented. She gave of her resources and materials generously, giving me the confidence and the freedom to both market myself as an effective trainer, and custom build workshops for many different audiences. Two days very well spent!"
Gerry Waters, Waters Group, October 2010

"Well researched, well prepared and well worth the investment."
Sean Noble, Australian Department of Defence, October 2010

"I believe so much that the more you know about another culture, the better the world will be. Thank you for showing us how to do that in such a smooth and professional way."
Lamia ElSawy, October 2010

"An excellent framework on how training should be conducted. Multiple, useful tips were offered and extraordinary reference materials to use. "
Ricardo Nunez, IC Trainer and Consultant, September 2010

"This workshop has been outstanding! It is very beneficial to anyone who is in contact with different cultures, no matter to what extent. Anne does a fabulous job in raising cultural awareness and explaning the importance."
Leslie Fleck, Global LT Manager, September 2010

"The trainer made me feel comfortable and at ease, created a fun-learning atmosphere."
Erika Soeding, September 2010

.... your materials provided a fresh ways to approach/teach cross-cultural theory;  your activities will add variety to my existing sessions and solidify learning for the client... lastly, your course was a great venue to exchange ideas with others in the same field and I benefited from your 'business development/marketing' component."
Marian Valia, Cultures Connected, July 2010

"This was great. Loved the cross-cultural piece--very relevant to my work with Girl Scouts. Thank you!."
Karn Scheuerer, Girl Scounts , July 2010

Francine Levin, Lynn University , July 2010

"Excellent - exceeded my expectations. Very helpful in my career aspirations! "
Candida Marques, Global Arrival Relocation Service, July 2010

"I am very plased that I joined the course and feel more confident now."
H. Ozlem Hersek, July 2010

"Of all the Intercultural training programs out there, the Interchange Institute is the smartest one around because of its President and Founder, Anne Copeland. She’s brainy in an accessible way that gives teaching and training a good name. She knows when to deliver information and when to pull back and let the students take charge. She is inspiring. A rarity in the field. And a darned nice human being. You will be prepared for Intercultural training no doubt when you enroll in this program."
Lisa La Valle-Finan, getGlobalized, 2010

"This valuable training session offers a wide range of products and processes addressing and accommodating a variety of learning styles and cultural situations. Dr. Anne Copeland's skillful facilitation blends a depth of experience with her warm, inclusive, professional style. Participants will return home inspired and armed with new connections, ideas, and resources."
Evelyn Slatter, March 2010

"This training will greatly benefit me in my current position as Program Coordinator for Professional Development. In my job I am involved with International professionals that come to our university for 6 months to one year. The training materials provided and the knowledge I obtained will allow our guests to make a successful transition which results in a positive experiences."
Kimberly Raup, Kettering University , March 2010

"Very useful in developing this area of consulting. Anne was very personable and helpful and available."
Rhonda Weber, Ph.D , March 2010

"Our company has been using Anne's newsletters and resources for years. I was finally able to attend her Train the Trainer class. Crossing Cultures with Competence not only gave me a clear understanding of what to present in a Cross Cultural training, but more importantly, why it was necessary to present it and how to present it. Anne provides a wonderful guide map to trainers, giving relevant examples, anecdotes and activities to engage every culture and every type of learner. Thank you, Anne, for your invaluable guidance. I have already recommended your class to two colleagues."
Christine Buckley, MSW, LCSW, Manager, International Operations, IMPACT Group, January 2010

"I look forward to using the materials Anne provided. Anne is a skilled trainer, adept at making people with diverse backgrounds and needs comfortable and to help them get the most out of the training."
Shana Medah, January 2010

"This workshop was very helpful to allow me to sort out what a career as an Intercultural Trainer might look like. It is an excellent step for me to explore this new career."
Dorin Thibault, January 2010

"Excellent scope. Materials comprehensive, generous and rigorous in approach."
Rhonda Singer, January 2010

"Although I was already familiar with many of the concepts because of my experience at the Royal Tropical Institute, Anne provided a fabulous overview with a great balance between theory, practice and anecdotes. It was also great to learn about different learning styles and to get a better understanding of my own."
Andrew Maggiore, Maggiore Intercultural Communication, January 2010

"Crossing Cultures with Competence is a great training for new Trainers as well as for Cultural Trainers that have been in the business for a while and can boost any Trainers confidence as well as provide new ideas and techniques. The exceptional training material is well-prepared and researched as well as clear and easy to understand. The seminar provided me with wonderful tools and resources, was very informative, inspiring and
motivating. The two day training was also perfectly balanced following the presentation and activities, games, role plays, breaks...."

Martina Rehm, Cultural Trainer, October 2009

"The workshop was brilliant. The materials are a great source and it was easy for me to modify my cross-cultural presentation. This is the best investment you will ever make in your business and yourself. Priceless. My personal needs were given personal attention and the information was extremely valuable."
Ursala Schneider-Lucania, Schneider Cross-Cultural Consulting, July 2009

Crossing Cultures with Competence was a wonderful supplement to my training and orientation for global students, provinding thoughtful and useful materials and training."
Ivan Chung, Biola University, January 2009

"Great job!!! This was a truly motivating and engaging workshop that gave me exceptional tools."
Karina Nicholls, January 2009

"It was very informative. It laid out explicitly the feelings and ideas we feel/go through but didn't know how to explain."
Sheila Kwak, National Defense University , January 2009

"I want to thank you for your smooth way of riding the waves of cultures, your inspiring way of delivering this workshop and being so authentic. "
Henriette Wentholt, January 2009

"The trainer was well-prepared to deliver the workshop. She is inspirational. Thanks! "
Kathy Jia, January 2009

"It is impossible to do justice in a couple of sentences to the value of the Crossing Cultures with Competence Train-the-Trainer workshop. Suffice it to say that I left feeling very satisfied about the balance of high-level discussion and the practical. So much research, thought, and experience has gone into this program and Anne delivers it all in a way that makes it extremely digestible and useful. "
Colleen Mizuki, President, Avenir Coaching and Consulting, July 2008

"Excellent training on wide variety of issues, concerns, trends and principles with respect to the intercultural field and useful to individuals working in a wide range of professional areas. I found the balance between lectures and interactive classroom participation was good. I also value leaving course with practical information to act on going forward and the community we are starting."
Leila Heron, American Citizens Abroad, July 2008

"This workshop was comprehensive and creative. I gained more than expected and appreciated the opportunity. I took two other similar training programs this summer and without a doubt, your program was much more developed on the aspect of the "training methodology," both in terms of the training tools utilized in the classroom and the training materials given to us for our future use, which is a feature that determines the success of the learning model. Also, your frankness of your personal path to developing your business was invaluable and very generous.”
Kathy Knight, July 2008

"I have seen poor intercultural trainers with bad information. Your materials and info are excellent -- well-researched, diverse, clear and comprehensive. I appreciate your passion for, and dedication to, the field ."
Theresa M. Higgs, July 2008

"Well laid-out framework for understanding intercultural issues and how to begin adjusting."
Bruce Walczak, President, Relocation Consultants, July 2008

"Anne is an expert who helps the trainer get both the perspective and the tools to launch an intercultural training program or do staff training to increase intercultural awareness."
Carla Rosen, Vandover, May 2008

"A tremendously worthwhile investment."
Angela Salse, JD, May 2008

"I felt so respected and valued. I've learned to appreciate myself and my strengths, and those of others, more. The training was intimate, bonding, supportive, safe and non-judgmental."
Virginia Cutchin, Transition Success Consulting, May 2008

"Course was thoroughly enjoyable - good mix of activities catering to different learner types. Course delivery was excellent and take-away value top-notch."
Yvonne Hendrick, Language and Management Coach, March 2008

"This course has given me a framework to offer the Business School's clients practical information and tools for their overseas assignments. Anne's knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm are infectious and inspirational. Thank you!"
Clarence Da Gama Pinto, Melbourne Business School, January 2008

"Thanks to each of you for the very enjoyable collegial atmosphere. That, coupled with the excellent materials and presentations made this the most profitable workshop I have ever attended."
Bob Waldron, Executive Director, Missions Resource Network , January 2008

"The Cross Cultural Training Anne provides is invaluable. Her training and in-depth knowledge provides heart-centered entrepreneurs with information and skills that will help them conduct business with a variety of customers.Her entire training system, is, in my humble opinion, is elegant in its simplicity. I built an entire business based upon her training. She continues to educate cross-cultural trainers and coaches while providing each of us with "up to the minute" informative addendums and expert assistance as its needed.I give Anne Copeland and the Interchange Institute high marks for their training, business building techniques and superlative support."
Deanna Wharwood, September 2007

Anne Copeland is an outstanding trainer who demonstrates the rare combination of business-like efficiency and genuine warmth and compassion. Every moment of her training is worthwhile and excellent value for money. Having lived in 7 different countries myself, I know that Anne's insights and methods get to the core of what's important when crossing cultures. I came away from the seminar with far more than I anticipated: increased enthusiasm to work in the field of cross-cultural training, improved confidence in my ability and an excellent set of tools and resources. Thank you, Anne!"
Leslie Shone, September 2007

"I really feel like I leapfrogged a couple steps ahead in my business plans. I was thoroughly pleased with the presentation given by Anne. The ideas and materials provided went above and beyond my expectations and I found everything extremely useful. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone interested in cross cultural training. Excellent! "
Edward Haag, International Educator and Trainer, September 2007

"Anne is an excellent presenter/trainer. She's very well-organized and considerate of participants' needs. The materials we take away from the program are outstanding and extensive. Anyone with training skills and reasonable cultural sensitivity could immediately use these materials to provide a quality cross-cultural training program. I've been conducting cross-cultural awareness training programs for 10 years. Anne's interactive materials will add another quality element to my programs. "
Rhonda Coast, President International Development Resources, September 2007

"This was a very important next move to my career and personal life. "
Rita Brown, Intercultural Trainer, September 2007

"This program was a great opportunity to reflect about issues regarding expats, the challenges they face and new approaches to help them. "
Liliana Laurda Andre, Founder, Curitiba Relocation Services, Brazil, September 2007

"Great training! I received plenty of essential information and useful support. There was a great international panel attending. Your reputation goes beyond the borders."
Brigitte Virfoillet, September 2007

"The material gave me a good and different perspective to the cross cultural dimension. Got a lot of new tools and ideas to build into my seminar and workshops. Relocation has not been my focus so far, but now I can use that as an added 'market'. "
Deborah Joyce, July 2007

"I have a strong sense of what direction to take now and the tools to go there. Wonderfully practical, pertinent. "
Anita Punamiya, July 2007

"Crossing Cultures with Competence gave me a renewed appreciation of the transition foreign nationals go through when relocating to the United States. It's a great course for those that want to better appreciate and diminish the cultural gap between two people. I highly recommend it."
Jane Kim, J.D., The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, May 2007

"Although I have worked in the field for a while, this workshop really allowed me to apply the theory to the practical skills needed in training people to develop intercultural competence ."
Liliana Meneses, Ph.D., George Washington University, May 2007

"This was the best workshop I have ever attended, and I have attended many, many workshops. It was the best because Anne brings quality, much knowledge about the intercultural world, utilized various learning styles, and keeps things moving at just the right speed ...... As a participant, I went away with a very organized packet of materials, ready to pick up and start to use, and my mind spinning with ideas. I loved every moment of the training from the fellowship with the other participants and instructor to the step-by-step instructions on how to personalize the materials. The workshop went way beyond my every expectation. I loved it."
Lois Bushong, M.S., Mango Tree Intercultural and Counseling Services, Intercultural Trainer, May 2007

"Even though I have been in the intercultural training field for several years this 'train the trainer' workshop was full of practical information to help with future jobs. Materials are wonderful."
Janis Conn, Intercultural Trainer, March 2007

"The trainers who attended the workshop brought such a wealth of experience, knowledge and great stories to the group. A truly enjoyable experience."
Tina Quick, March 2007

"As the owner of a relocation/destination services company I knew it was important to attend this type of training. After having completed the seminar, I felt that it was critical to share this wonderful body of knowledge with my staff and our clients!"
Jan Allen, Journey's End Relocation Inc., January 2007

"Anne is a superb presenter. The pace was well-adapted to the group, the mix of presentation styles was very effective and the group dynamic was excellent. I was very impressed by the quality of the training materials. The graphics are great, the content is very detailed and informative. Truly a program that can be immediately implemented. Thank you so much."
K. Rae Nelson, A Toast to Paris, January 2007

"Anne did a great job at delivering the program. She was easy to understand and follow. She also was very good at keeping the right pace and attention of the participants. I thoroughly enoyed it! Thank you!"
Mariela Stephens, Journey's End Relocation Inc., January 2007

"Anne is one of the most effective trainers I have met with. The program will be invaluable to my career and was filled with new and interesting knowledge."
Lynne Muller, California Client Development Group, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, January 2007

"This training was everything (and more) that I expected. The materials will be very helpful to me to help my students and their families acculturate. I appreciate the 'ready-made' materials and the support provided by Anne. I also appreciated how Anne kept our discussion on task and provided a variety of activities."
Ann Hengerer, Bethesda Chevy Chase High School, October 2006

"This training provided a comprehensive approach to working cross culturally. I am impressed with the presentation (and presenter) as well as the quality of materials. Dr. Copeland was fantastic resource."
Bette Franken, National Defense University, October 2006

"The training was not only extraordinarily informative, it was also fun. The days flew by. I will definitely be using the materials and share the information at my international school."
Cheri DeJohn, International School of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, October 2006

"Anne has generously shared her knowledge and training materials which will be helpful in my work."
Olga Pang Stein, Cross-cultural and Language Trainer, October 2006

"Excellent format, information and presentation. The basic issues that expatriates face are well identified and explained--many practical teaching tools are given. The emphasis is on practical application to help people survive and thrive in international settings.."
David Packer, Paster, First Baptist Church, Marshall, TX, October 2006

"The group of participants was exceptional; the individual experiences and contributions to the workshop were invaluable to training across cultures."
Susanne Nielsen, October 2006

"Wonderful program that expanded my knowledge of successfully working with my clients and their international hires. The program is outstanding, the hand-outs are very useful and well developed. I would recommend this train the trainers to anyone interested in successful transition from one country to another"
Ruth Cudmore, President, Hamilton Sherwood Employment Services, July 2006

"Great organization of materials! You have put so much thought into details. The kit saves me so much of my own time."
Jacquelyn Reeves, International Trainer, July 2006

"The materials passed on to us are a very high quality. The presentation of the materials was thorough and very useful to me as an experiential learner. "
Joyce Majewski, Harvard Business School, July 2006

"This program provided an excellent theoretical framework from which to draw the content of cultural transition support. It also provided excellent support for training techniques, many resources, good modeling of pacing, time management, etc. This was an entirely worthwhile experience."
Laura Lyons, American School in Japan, July 2006

"The course is dominated by Anne Copeland's genuine interest in passing on her extended experiences in the field of intercultural training. As a newly started consultant and trainer I experienced the course to be extremely relevant and packed with information but also as a European living and working in the US, I received valuable knowledge to maneuver in the American business world. Both during the training and afterwards Anne has facilitated a group atmosphere for fruitful and productive discussion and comments. The emphasis on valuable networking and feedback is not just taught but definitely also practiced. The material in itself is a gold mine of information, experience and tested training tools ready to be used and arranged for one's personal needs and preferences. I feel well prepared for new endeavors.
Line Morkbak, Intercultral Training and Scandinavian Expert, www.cultureCrossing.dk, May 2006

"This workshop opened my eyes to the multiple levels of culture that impact us all and I look forward to using the training in my work in our community."
Sandy Thompson, Winchester Multicultural Network, March 2006

"This course provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the importance of cross-cultural understanding on a local as well as global level."
Steve Morris, Middle School Student Service Coordinator Lincoln, The American International School, March 2006

"This was an eye-opening experience for me. I have been interested in cross-cultural issues, education and a career as a trainer and consultant for a long time. This course brought everything together for me in a way that has given me a clear direction and purpose. I am really excited and focused and I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Mary Austin, March 2006

"I wanted to thank you for including me in your Cross Cultural Training session held in Chicago last week. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the training. It was very beneficial to be part of such a diverse group of individuals. I really enjoyed hearing the differing perspectives on the areas addressed in our training."
Roseann Schaefer, Mobility Program Manager, Western Digital, May 2006

"What your course did was open the door for me to the whole area of intercultural training and provide a new framework for my background in comparative culture and education. Since then I have built up a library of relevant resources and materials which are invaluable. I got the jargon from you that I needed to access this whole area and I got lots of ideas from it which have been very helpful."
Karen Ruddock, Cross-Cultural Directions, Dublin, Ireland, May 2004

"Very good workshop, especially the materials. I have a theoretical background in cross-cultural communication, but this workshop gave me the tools to use it with my clients."
Katarina Holm-Didio, Human Resources Officer, United Nations Secretariat, October 2005

"The workshop was excellent. The materials are a great resource. It is clear that much care and attention to detail was put into their creation. Thank you for the knowledge to share with others throughout our organization."
Pete Jaworski, HR/Relocations, Novo Nordisk® Pharmaceuticals, Inc., NJ, May 2003

"This is 'the' training workshop for intercultural professionals...Excellent, high-quality, highly-motivational. Worth a trip around the world to get to this seminar."
Terri McGinnis, Independent Cross-Cultural Trainer, July 2003

"Excellent information and presentation style. I am leaving with so many ready-to-use materials. I have lots of new ideas for ways to share this information with my students and families."
Lisa Ball, Counselor, The American International School of Buenos Aires, October 2005

"The 'Crossing Cultures with Competence' training materials have been an excellent tool for the cross cultural orientation program offered to our international relocation clients. The materials are comprehensive, easy to deliver, and offer a range of options to specifically tailor the program to our clients' needs. The on-going support from Anne Copeland, and her wealth of knowledge and expertise, have proven invaluable and a great support to our program."
Julie Bell, International Services Coordinator , Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

"The workshop was so thorough in its content and presentation that the materials will be useful for numerous occasions moving forward. Very flexible, too!"
Kendra Mirasol, President, Mosaic Strategy, October 2005

"The program is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of trainers from multiple disciplines in a single training environment. The materials provided, coupled with the concepts learned, will help me present a higher quality program providing greater value to my 'trainees.'"
Scott P. Keehn, Family Life & Education Specialist, US Navy, May 2003

"I liked Anne's style - not only her wealth of knowledge and experience but also the way she approaches cross-cultural training, her dedication and commitment. There was a lot of room for our input, but Anne always guided us back not to lose focus. It was inspiring to listen to other participants, share ideas and learn new methods. The material was put together with the greatest care, easy to adapt to every client's needs." Regine Albrecht, ExpatLinQ Expatriation Services, October 2005

"While this workshop was clearly aimed at the corporate world, I feel that it was very valuable for me as an international educator. I can definitely tailor it for my professional use as a school counselor."
Brad McClain, The American International School of Buenos Aire, July 2003

"A terrific seminar. These two jam-packed days will leave you well prepared to offer a powerful cross-cultural orientation."
Elizabeth Messier, Director of Relocation Services. Residential Properties Ltd.


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