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Global Baby:
Tips to Keep You and Your Infant Smiling Before, During, and After Your International Move

This practical guide will help you make an international move with your infant with confidence. You'll find:

  • tips for surviving a long airplane ride and the early days of jet lag
  • suggestions for planning and finding medical care in a new country, starting before you leave home
  • steps you can take to ease your baby into new surroundings
  • expert insights into understanding why babies don't all react the same to an international move
  • advice about finding child care
  • tips for raising a bilingual and bicultural child
  • why it's important (for your baby) for you to take care of yourself
About the Author: Anne P. Copeland, PhD

"Accurate, practical and compassionate advice to navigate the ups and downs of living internationally with an infant. The book is rich in substance and one that Moms and Dads will refer to again and again with each move to a new country."
-Elizabeth Douet Director, Expatkit

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A Word of Introduction

Before You Go

  • Medical Information and Records
  • Reminders of Home
  • Other Items
  • First Aid Kit from Home
The Trip Itself
  • Managing the Equipment
  • A Seat for Baby?
  • Preventing Ear Aches During Take-off and Landing
  • Entertaining Baby
  • Food and Drink
  • Other Advice
  • Importance of Taking Care of Yourself
  • Inside Your Baby’s Carry-On Bag

The First Few Weeks

  • Jet Lag
  • Sleeping and Eating
  • Allow Some “Child Time”
  • Importance of Taking Care of Yourself

Health Issues

  • Immunizations
  • Insurance
  • Finding a Doctor
  • Keeping Your Child Safe and Healthy
  • Preparing Ahead for Medical Emergencies
  • Understanding Medications in a New Country
  • Giving Birth in a New Country
  • Dental Care for Babies

Living in A New Country

  • Child Care and Babysitting
  • Babies Are Not All Alike: How Temperament and Attachment Affect Moving
  • Using the Internet as a Parenting Resource
  • Raising a Bilingual Child
  • 8 Tips to Help Your Child Learn a New Language
  • Cultural Differences in Parenting
  • Family Stories and Traditions
  • Importance of Taking Care of Yourself


  • Medicine Dosage Conversion Table
  • Children’s Clothing Sizes
  • Emergencies
  • Medical and Immunization Record


"I've had three of my four children within two months of a relocation so I certainly appreciate the unique challenges of moving with infants. By applying the information in Global Baby, including placing your own well-being as a high priority, you can look forward to a wonderfully rewarding experience in your new country of residence."
- Margie Warrell, Life Coach for Busy Women

"If you're having a baby outside your home-country, or know someone who is, then this is the book for you. It covers all the practical stuff necessary for life on the move with a baby in tow, and also provides sage advice about how to stay connected to your own culture whilst embracing the best of your new culture. The chapter on air travel alone is worth every cent!"
- Yvonne McNulty, Founder, www.thetrailingspouse.com


Please contact us directly if you are interested
in ordering this publication.

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