We can help you plan your expatriate support program from the ground up. Keep your eye on costs and quality by keeping this function in house. We'll work with you to answers questions like these:

  • Should people be taught about cultural differences before they depart (so they don’t make mistakes in their first few days) or will it be more meaningful to them if you wait till they’ve started to encounter difficulties?
  • When is the best time to talk about culture shock – before they go or after they arrive?
  • What information is most critical for spouses to have and what is the most efficient and thorough way to ensure they get it?
  • How do you handle the fact that some people like to read and plan ahead, and others only want information in response to a current question? Or the fact that some people learn best from books, some from the internet and some from other people?

Then we’ll put together the cross-cultural training program that makes sense for your organization, help you find and train the trainers to deliver it, plan and write your support materials in paper or electronic format, and set you off with a plan to maintain the program in the future.

Contact us to start the process of collaborating with The Interchange Institute on your research project.


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