In Their Own Voice:

    Intercultural Meaning in Everyday Stories

    by Anne P. Copeland and Marissa Lombardi
    with members of the International Writers' Club

    Published May 2011



    Complete List of Story Titles

    American Courtesy
    Body Distance
    The Bow
    English and Japanese Language
    Formality and Informality
    How to React to Compliments
    I Recommend Your Children Do Sports in America
    I’m Sorry
    Invisibility: Upsetting and Happy Episodes in Daily Life
    Is This a Really Good Rule?
    Meaning of “Yes” or “No” to Answer Negative
    My Struggle with Discipline and Praise
    North is Always on Top of the Map
    The Reason Why We are Silent
    Talk to Strangers
    Too Much Caring About Others’ Thinking


    Cultural Adaptation
    Call Me Stupid, But Whose Responsibility is Fraud?
    Deciding Whether to Move to a Foreign Country
    Going Home Again
    Hurry Up
    Making Friends
    On the Street
    Parent-Child Relationships in the USA
    The Picture of Homeland
    Responsibility for Self-Management
    Role of Shame in Parenting and Discipline
    Starting a Friendship with Americans in the US
    Suing and Safety
    The Word You Won’t See in a Dictionary


    Birthday Parties
    The Culture of Dumping
    Family Advice about Pregnancy
    Feet on the Seat
    Gift Giving in Return
    Golden Week
    Korean Daughter-in-Law
    Play Dates
    Receiving Visitors
    Slumber Party
    Two Thoughts about Babysitting
    Unnecessary Electricity
    Valentine’s Day    


    Are You Coming to My Conference, Dad? (A Mother’s View)
    Are You Coming to My Conference, Dad? (A Father’s Reply)
    Being Absent from School
    Clean Up Time
    Examination Hell in Japan
    Learning Math and How to Think
    Make-up, Hair styles and Clothes of Teenage Girls
    Parent Involvement  
    Parent Involvement, Grades and Modesty in School
    School Lunch
    Some Educational Philosophy Differences
    Writing Letters Neatly


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