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About Families In Intercultural Transition:

Families in Global Transition, 2004, 2007, 2010
International Management Institute, 2010
Employee Relocation Council, 2006
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) International Scholars Office, 2005, 2006
American Community Schools (ACS), England, 2003
Boston University (BU) Masters Seminar, 2001
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Work, Family & Personal Life (formerly Family Resource Center), 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Spouses & Partners Program, 2000, 2001, 2002
MML Relocation, 2000
National Leadership Institute, 2001
Relocation Resource Group, 2000
Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research (SIETAR), 1996, 2000


About Expatriate Spouses:

Families in Global Transition, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2009
International Management Institute, 2001, 2005
Employee Relocation Council, 2004
Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research, 2004
Radcliffe/Harvard's Murray Research Center, 2003
CRN Conferences (London, Miami, New York), 1997, 2001, 2002
Global Living (formerly Women on the Move), 1998, 2000, 2002
New England International Personnel Forum, 1998
Organization Resources Counselors (ORC) HR Seminar, 2000
Unigroup Worldwide, 1998
Work and Family Conference, 1998

About The US As A Foreign Destination:

Girl Scouts Global Exchange. 2010
Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR), 2009
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) International Scholars Office (2007)
Winchester Education Forum (2006, 2007)
New England International Conference (2006) Delaware Valley Relocation Council, 2005
Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, 2004
Families in Global Transition, 2004
Relocation Resource Exchange (Detroit), 2003
Adult Education - English Literacy Conference (Indianapolis), 2003
CRN North Atlantic Relocation Conference, 2001
DeWolfe Corporate Relocation, 2001
EMC Corporation, 2001

The Interchange Institute Quoted In The News

"Moving Pains" in the Chicago Tribune, April 19, 2011, quoted Anne Copeland regarding can love trump geography in moves. 

February 17, 2011, Anne Copeland's At Home Abroad reseach was discussed in the Telegraph article Unhappy expat? It's time to change your house

January 21, 2011, Anne Copeland's letter was published in the New York Times Letter to the Editor section for The Debate Goes On: A Parent-Child Puzzle

The Interchange Institute's study "At Home Abroad Final Report" was one of the top two surveys in Expatica's Top Five Industry Survey Awards.

The Forum for Expatriate Management, October 2010 awarded an EMMA (Expatriate Management and Mobility Award) to The Interchange Institute for Thought Leadership. 

Daily Finance , May 29, 2010, " Why Learning to Understand Unfamiliar Accents May Save Your Life," quoted Anne Copeland regarding cross cultural training by corporations.

New York Times, March 8, 2010, "Going Global, Stateside," quoted Anne Copeland regarding cross cultural training by corporations.

New York Times, September 15, 2009, Overseas Stints for U.S. Workers Are Shorter but Still Challenging ".

Harvard Business Review Editors' Blog , July 20, 2009, in an article on "The Problems with Short Term Overseas Assignments," discusses Anne Copeland's recent research on Voices from the Road and Home. discusses Anne Copeland's recent research on Voices from the Road and Home.

Human Resource Executive Online, February 2009 , Kid's Eye View quoting Anne Copeland. Kid's Eye View quoting Anne Copeland.

Elle Singapore, July 2008, "Confessions of a Trailing Spouse", featuring Anne Copeland's research

Mobility Magazine, March 2008, Anne Copeland's article: "Split-screen Life: an Intimate Look at International Short-term Assignments and Extended Business Travel."

The Wall Street Journal quoted Anne Copeland in their Work & Family column by Sue Shellenbarger on January 10, 2008---To Move or Not to Move: What Is Really Best for the Kids? The article referred to Anne's recently completed study: Voices from the Road and Home.

Settling in Quick Leads to Positive Assignment Response - Industry Spotlight
Mobility, October 2006

This (Confusing) American Life Boston Business Journal, June 16-22, 2006

Moving Matters: A Study of How to Help International Transferees Relocate
Expatica.com names this one of the best 10 industry surveys of the year.

Expatriate Management: Challenges for the Future, Expatica, January 2006

Separation Anxiety: Short Job Transfers Create Problems for Families Left Behind, by Sue Shellenbarger, The Wall Street Journal, October 27, 2005

Supporting the Spouse Through Global Relocation, by Galen Tinder, Mobility Magazine, October 2005

Is My Voice Being Heard?—An Expatriate Spouse Speaks, by Val Boyko, Mobility Magazine, August 2005

Industry Surveys 2004: A Review of the Best, by Yvonne McNulty, Expatica HR, April 2005 and Human Capital Plus, June 2005

Moving Can Be Hard on Children, by Shelley Kimmons Bacote, Sun Publications, July 2004

Book Review: Global Baby, by Betsy Burlingame, www.expatexchange.com, May 2004

Book Review: Global Baby, Weekly Telegraph Issue No. 676, Joanna Parfitt.

Building Cross-Cultural Understanding, by Fran Bidwell, Jan Kullmann, and Roxana Billman, Expatriate Advisor/Academic News (Newsletter of ACS), Summer 2003

Book Review: Understanding American Schools, by Peggy Love, www.bound4.com, August 2003

Seeking out a Sense of Belonging, by Jo Parfitt, www.expat.telegraph.co.uk, August 2003

Cross-Cultural Understanding, by Fran Bidwell, Cobham/ACS Update, Spring/Summer 2003

Repatriation Into Retirement, by Nancy Lockwood, Among Worlds/Expatriate Advisor, March/Winter 2003

Research Report Review: Many Women Many Voices, by Jo Parfitt, www.career-in-your-suitcase.com, 2002

Making or Breaking the Family Unit, by Nancy Lockwood, Mobility, October 2002

Spousal Neglect Found in Relocation Study, by David Shadovitz, Human Resource Executive Magazine, October 2002

Home Truths About Foreign Postings, by Billy Cheng, BusineesWeek Online, July 15, 2002

Book Review: Getting to Grips with American Schools (Understanding American Schools), Expatrium, July - Issue 4, 2002

Building Relationships, by Joanna Parfitt, Expatrium, March - Issue 3, 2002

Book Review: Understanding American Schools, Woman Abroad, December/January 2002

Intercultural Group Eases Parents' Adjustment to US, by Karen Campbell, The Boston Globe, December 2001

Having the Right Connections, by Nancy R. Lockwood and Sylvia S. Ehrlich, Mobility, December 2001

More than Lip Service to Spouse Support, by Sarah Bingham, www.expatica.com, December 2001

Book Reviews: Understanding American Schools, Smooth Beginnings, and Hit the Ground Running, by Peter Van Buren, www.travelwithyourkids.com November, 2001

Book Review: Understanding American Schools, by Joshua Wood, www.expatexchange.com, August 2001

Family Matters: Three Easy & Cost Effective Steps to Avoiding Global Assignment Disaster, by Bradley van Hoek, Expatriate Advisor, Spring 2001

Moving and Traveling with Children, by Bill Graebel, Corporate Relocation News, March 2001

A Test of Friendship, by Ellen Goodman and Patricia O'Brien, The Boston Globe Magazine, May 2000

How Wives Experience Culture Shock, by Robin Pascoe, The Weekly Telegraph, October 2000

Ruminations from 'The Other Half': Expatriate Partners Tell It Like It Is by Jamil Khoury, Mobility, April 1999

Unhappy in Paris? How Can That Be? by Linda Klein Means, Mobility, July 1998

Selected Articles Written By Anne P. Copeland

Eura Relocation published an article by Anne in their March Newsletter based on her February E-notes article.

Mobility Magazine, February 2009, Anne Copeland's article: Voices from Home: the Personal and Family Side of Unaccompanied Short-term International Assignments

Welcoming International Parents to Your Classroom, Kappa Delta Pi Record, Winter 2007

All Over the Map: Short Term Assignments, Focus News, The Expat Information and Lifestyle Magazine, February/March 2006

Flying with Baby: 10 Things You'd Be Really Sorry If You Forgot To Put in Your Carry-On Bag, The Expatriate Observer, Winter 2005

Global Baby: Relocating to a New Country with an Infant, Mobility Magazine, August 2004

Disrupting Family Dynamics: The Case of the Cereal Bowls, Tales from a Small Planet, September 2003

What Women Want: Customizing Cross-Cultural Training to Better Prepare Female Transferees, Worldwide News (Crown Relocation Newsletter), Issue 2 (October 2002)

Late to a Meeting in the US, www.expatica.com, October 2002

Ask the Expert: American vs. German Schools, Expatrium, October - Issue 5, 2002

Women Expatriates: A View of Their Own, (co-author Saskia Meckman), Expatriate Advisor, Summer 2002

Mobile Students, Stable Schooling, Expatrium, July - Issue 4, 2002

Are you Listening?, FOCUS news, July 2002

Spousal Adjustment on International Assignments: The Role of Social Support, (co-author Sara K. Norell, Ph.D.), International Journal of Intercultural Relations, May 2002

Sizing Up American Schools, Mobility, February 2002

Being the 'New Kid': What Parents Can Do to Help, BR Anchor-Relocation Today Newsletter, January 2002

Sizing Up US Schools, Corporate Relocation News, December 2001

Wanting to Hear 'I'm Sorry', Corporate Relocation News, August 2001

Friendship in the US: Too Much Too Soon, Then Not Enough (reprinted), www.expatexchange.com, April 2001

The Many Faces of Eve, Woman Abroad, November/December 2000

I Think I Can, I Think I Can, Corporate Relocation News, October 2000

Wanted: A Close Circle of Friends, Woman Abroad, September/October 2000

What do Expatriate Partners Really Think, Expatriate Observer, Spring 2000

Friendship in the US: Too Much Too Soon, Then Not Enough, Expatriate Observer, Fall 1999

Helping Foreign Nationals Adapt to the U.S., Personnel Journal, February 1995

Anne P. Copeland In The News

Radio Interview: "Viewpoints", WWZN Boston, November 3, 2002

Radio Interview: Cross-Cultural Training for Expatriate Spouses, www.theamericanhour.com, April 28, 2002

Radio Interviews - The World, November 9, 1998, July 21 and June 18, 1997, October 4, 1996

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