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We are pleased to announce that we will be offering the Crossing Cultures with Competence workshop in an online format. We are confident that, using technology and some new approaches, we can deliver the same professional level of training as our in-person workshops. By asking participants to do some self-reflection work before each session, we can use our online time together efficiently. There will even be some advantages, as our whole team of master trainers will participate - three for the price of one! Plus we'll be able to welcome participants from all over the world, who won't have to pay for travel.

Please read the details below, then Contact Us if you are interested or have questions. We will set up a time for a brief chat, to ensure that it's a good match between the workshop and you. Registration deadline: One week prior to start of workshop.


Each virtual workshop includes a Welcome Reception, three Modules and a Planning Session, within one week. Upcoming schedule:

Week of September 28-October 2, 2020
Week of November 2-6, 2020

Each virtual workshop includes a Welcome Reception, three Modules and a Planning Session, within one week.

Contact Us to be the first to learn of details and new dates.

Workshop Agenda

  • Welcome Reception: An orientation to the online course: meet your workshop mates, get an overview of the materials, and start to reflect on what you bring to the training table.
  • Module 1: Designing a Host Country Overview that engages your trainees and prepares them to live in their new community
  • Module 2:Culture and Communication: A deep dive into what 'culture' is, how we learn it, and how pervasively it affects us. And a close look at seven cultural values that differ around the world and impact our daily interactions.
  • Module 3: Managing the Transition: Review our tools for helping trainees explore and understand the challenges they face when they move to a new country.
  • Preparing to Train: Planning what you need to do before putting the Workshop materials into use.


Here's what participants in our online training course have to say:

"I participated in the Crossing Cultures with Competence online program and I think it is one of the best decisions I have made since starting a professional journey as an intercultural trainer. The content was relevant and delivered in a dynamic and professional manner. The discussions were productive and the material was comprehensive and appropriate. I am grateful for the knowledge shared and the fruitful interactions with trainers and classmates."
- Micaela Flores-Araoz, MiCulture.

"Crossing Cultures with Competence was an inspiring, informative and comprehensive course. I was lucky to be able to participate in The Interchange Institute first online/zoom workshop. It was very well presented, excellent content, conducted in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Anne and her team were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and motivational. I loved the interaction with the trainers plus the other students, from whom I also learned a lot. The course has given me a lot of information, ideas, materials and confidence to move forward with my business incorporating cultural training. Most of all I am appreciative of the connections and friendships formed during the course with the trainers and students, they are an amazing resource."
- Dee Walker, Relo Global

"I thoroughly enjoyed the online train-the-trainer course "Crossing Cultures with Competence." The trainers were very knowledgeable and experienced both in the intercultural field and in delivering the workshop. Their presentations were interesting, interactive, relevant, and easy to follow. We received comprehensive materials such as forms, slides, and interactive games with instructions both for self-study and to use in our intercultural trainings. I am confident that my trainees will greatly benefit from all the excellent information and training materials from this course. I am looking forward to the level 2 train-the-trainer course and recommend the Interchange Institute's training classes to anyone looking to build or expand their competence in the intercultural field."
- Susanne Jasper, A Pond Apart

"A big thank you to everyone at The Interchange Institute for organizing and conducting an excellent training program! As an anthropologist and long term expat, I have been interested in intercultural training and Crossing Cultures with Competence for some time. I jumped at the chance to attend online, and I was not disappointed!

The sessions were well organized and effective, materials useful and well laid out and the interaction between the different trainers and students worked really well. The class was probably as interactive as one can get online, making full use of the technology available. Students were involved in discussions and problem solving, which I loved.

The hands on materials included in the course are exactly what I was looking for, providing me with practical, easy to use tools as I move forward, planning my own workshops training international staff at a multinational company."
Tone Delin Indrelid, Focal Point, Global Outpost Services, Outpost Stavanger


Will this online version give me the same certification and site license as the in-person course?

The online workshop is shorter than the in-person two-day training. How will you cover all the content?
We ask participants to plan on spending an hour prior to each workshop doing pre-work, to use our online time together efficiently.

Will I still get a training kit?
Virtual participants will receive the same materials as the in-person workshop participants. They will receive them electronically and will be responsible for printing them prior to the virtual workshop.

I want to do this virtual training but am afraid I will miss the personal connections from in-person workshops. How will you handle this?
We have given serious thought to this, and don't want to sacrifice your learning experience in any way. Yes, the virtual training will be different but:
  • (a) Because our whole team of master trainers will participate, you will have lots of time for individual questions and planning and will benefit from having a range of expertise to guide you.
  • (b) We will keep our online course small, to maintain those connections.
  • (c) If you choose, you may attend a future in-person workshop, space permitting, for just the cost of your meals and materials, up to one year after the resumption of our in-person workshops.

Please Contact Us soon if you are interested in joining a virtual workshop, as space is limited. After you have spoken with one of our training team members, you can register here.


You can register here.

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