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  Reflection Photos: Facilitating Intercultural Reflection with Visual Images is a collection of 100 photographs you can use to elicit reflection about the process of intercultural transition. Grounded in both theory and research, it was designed initially to help people who have moved from one country to another reflect on their experience, but can also be a powerful tool for those who work in multi-cultural teams and those fac­ing other life transitions. It is an open-ended, free response tool that works well with both adults and children, in any language.


Understanding American Schools, Fifth Edition guides newcomers from around the world through the challenges of understanding the US school system, from pre-school through high school. Written by two internationally-known experts in international relocation and education, this thorough but user-friendly guide is packed with information not found in any other single source. We’ve checked every URL and updated every statistic using the latest available data from a range of government, international and education agencies. We’ve included the latest numbers (average teacher salaries, average SAT scores, average high school graduation rates, average private school tuition fees). We’ve included lots of international comparisons, so parents aren’t reading in a vacuum.



"...mastering the complexity of modern life should be taught and is taught pretty well in Hello! USA. ....America is a nation built on the incoming flow of immigrants. There will be more coming. This is a good tool if you have the occasion to help a new arrival." October 2013. Cool Tools

Hello! USA, 7th Edition This classic book has helped tens of thousands of newcomers make a smooth and informed entry into the US. The Seventh Edition includes updates of every URL and telephone number, plus current advice about local transportation options, getting connected on line, registering for school, searching for a home, banking, shopping, cooking, finding medical care and more.


Welcome to Boston A Guide for International Newcomers, 18th Edition Publication date: June 2019. The most current and accurate information for Boston. It is a reliable, detailed and complete resource.





In Their Own Voice: Intercultural Meaning in Everyday Stories A collection of stories written by people who have moved to the United States from another country and culture. In the authentic, personal, everyday moments portrayed here and the commentary that accompanies each story, we gain precious access to the thinking and action behind the value differences that reveal themselves at work and in our daily lives. In March 2014 Global Living Magazine named "In Their Own Voice" from The Interchange Institute as one of the five best expat books.


Newcomer's Almanac An 8-page monthly newsletter that is a unique collection of information, advice and cultural interpretation for international newcomers to the United States




Global Baby Tips to keep you and your infant smiling before, during and after your international move.




globa baby
smooth beginnings

A Smooth Beginning: 20 Suggestions to Help Your Family Feel Settled in a New Country. A 28-page workbook and guide to the emotional and social aspects of moving to a new country.



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What to Wear: Mishaps in the Presentation of Identity Across Cultures A study exploring an important mode of non-verbal communication: our physical appearance and the messages we send about our identity, both knowingly and unknowingly

voices road

Voices from the Road A study of 1461 employees on unaccompanied short-term international assignments and extended business travel.



Voices from Home A study of spouses and families of employees on unaccompanied short-term international assignments and extended business travel


voices home
at home

At Home Abroad: How Design and Architecture Influence Overseas Living We examined the relationship between housing choices and expatriate adjustment among 130 participants, who shared their experiences of choosing and settling into a home in a new country, and their thoughts about how their new home influences their cultural and family experience living overseas.


Many Expatriates Many Voices A study of 101 accompanying spouses and partners who had recently moved to the US because of their spouse/partners' job
Many Women Many Voices A study of 194 women who moved to a new country primarily because of their husband's job


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