Collaborative research

Contact us to start the process of collaborating with The Interchange Institute on your research project.

In-House Proprietary Research

Answer questions about your services or programs that will help you know how to expend resources wisely. All results will be kept completely confidential, unless you decide to make the public. For example:

  • Are your expatriates really using all the materials you send them? If not, which are the "must-keep" ones?
  • You have great support programs but people aren't using them; why not?
  • You offer two levels of service; is the more expensive one really better?
  • People seem enthusiastic when they begin your program but your drop-out rate is high. Why?
  • Some of your expatriates do everything on line; some of their spouses hate computers. Some love to read ahead about the country they're moving to; others like to be surprised. How can you get peole the support they want then they want it, in the form they prefer, without wasting money on support your people never use?

Sponsored Cutting-Edge Research

Demonstrate your commitment to being at the cutting edge of our field by posing research questions whose answers you'll share with your professional colleagues, through public speaking engagements and written and on-line articles, co-presented or co-written with Anne Copeland. For example:

  • What aspects of US schools do parents find most suprising?
  • What are the three most successful technicques for helping newcomers to connect to their new communities?
  • What is the experience of accompanying spouses without work visas--what distinguishes those who are satisfied with their non-working status from those who are not?
      "One of the unique strengths of the report is the perspective gained from the respondents themselves (all transferees), largely due to their participation being filtered through a third-party organization such as The Interchange Institute. Because there was no direct contact with the moving company and confidentiality was assured, the feedback was probably more honest and construtive than it might otherwise have been.  
      Yvonne McNulty, in naming our study with Graebel Movers International, Moving Matters" one of the best 10 industry surveys of the year on  



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