Read our Tips for Parents to Help their Children Learn a New Language.

See our Advice on Pursuing an Intercultural Career for suggestions about how to prepare for and build on our training programs.

Around the World in Numbers

Pew Research Center: public opinion surveys and reports, mostly about US but includes Global Attitudes survey
700 maps of the world, resized according to different topics of interest (like "girls not in primary school" or "overcrowded homes")
Gapminder: demographics in animated charts and maps


TransitionDynamics.com: Barbara Schaetti's consultancy serving the international expatriate and repatriate community
TheTrailingSpouse.com: great site for spouses, filled with information. Fill out the questionnaire!
ExpatExpert.com: Robin Pascoe's site designed to inform and advise expat spouses and their families
ExpatExchange.com: expatriate community site bringing the global expat community together
blogs, stories and resources for expatriate women
a listing of psychotherapists who understand the challenges facing TCKs and globally mobile people

InterNations, Connecting Global Minds:
The Washington, DC expat community

International Family Transitions: a training program for educators who work with Third Culture Kids going to college

Expat Parents

TravelWithYourKids.com: tips from real parents on how to travel internationally with children
Expat-Moms.com: portal for parenting abroad
ISS.edu: (International Schools Services): the site of international schools with US curriculum
IBO.org: (International Baccalaureate Organization)

Ori-and-ricki.net: site makes Hilly van Swoll-Ulbrich's book When Abroad do as the Local Children do truly interactive
TCKWorld.com: dedicated to the support and understanding of Third Culture Kids


TransitionsAbroad.com: site of Transitions Abroad magazine
TalesMag.com: Tales from a Small Planet - online magazine for expats
NewcomersClub.com: worldwide directory for clubs welcoming newcomers
CitySearch.com: practical city guide where more than 100 US cities and 43 international cities are listed.
OutpostExpat.nl: Shell's site with useful links


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