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A Smooth Beginning:
20 Suggestions To Help Your Family Feel Settled in a New Country, Second Edition
by Anne P. Copeland, Ph.D.

A 28-page workbook and guide to the emotional and social aspects of moving to a new country. Revised March 2006.


$8.95 each for quantities up to 9; multiple quantity discounts available.


Some of the suggestions you will find in the book:

  • keeping your family safe and healthy during the transition
  • handling emergencies
  • staying focused on your goals for living overseas
  • understanding the stresses of an international move
  • planning ways to stay connected to home and to your new community
  • making a new house feel like a new home
  • meeting locals
  • helping children make friends
  • learning the host language
  • discovering resources for help in your new community
  • understanding and managing culture shock



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