What are Webinars for Cultural Sensitivity and Competence?

Using a combination of webinar hosting and teleconference technology, we are able to offer the same kind of personalized, interactive, individually-tailored training we offer through our in-person trianing. Each of our series is designed with your needs in mind, just as is true with our face-to-face training – together we will put together a program that is the right length, delivered at the optimal time, and that covers the precise topics your customers or staff need.

Who benefits from webinars for cultural sensitivity and competence ?

Do you want to offer your customers or staff cultural training, but find that getting them together for 8 hours with a trainer is just impossible? We now offer an alternative: cultural sensitivity and competence webinars specially designed for:

  • a widely dispersed workforce who can’t gather in a single training site
  • staff or customers in remote or international locations where top-notch English-speaking trainers are not available
  • those whose schedules do not permit an 8-hour training in a single block and who prefer a series of flexibly-scheduled 60- or 90-minute modules
  • those with a sudden need for cultural training who cannot accommodate a long lead-time in scheduling with a trainer

Recent Webinars by The Interchange Institute

Cultural Sensitivity and Competence Webinar Series for Destination Services Providers
A series of 60-minute modules covering the basic cultural information Destination Service Providers need in order to maximize their effectiveness when working with foreign nationals moving into the United States:

  • The Personal Side of International Relocations
  • Seven Moments That Shaped a Nation and Its Values
  • Core Cultural Dimensions That Affect Work and Life in a New Country
  • Communication Style in Context

Webinar group size may be limited to 20 to enhance discussion and interactivity, or unlimited to maximize reach.

Cultural Preparation for Transferee to Singapore
Two 90-minute modules covering basic information needed by an American manager in a remote US location, whose job required a sudden move to Singapore:

  • Overview of Singapore’s history and current events
  • Introduction to meaning of culture and its impact on daily work and life
  • Review of core cultural concepts likely to influence American-Singaporean interactions

Modules scheduled at transferee’s convenience with trainer in Boston

Cultural Sensitivity and Competence Webinar Series for US Managers with Diverse Workforce

  • A series of 60-minute modules covering core cultural concepts needed for a group of US managers located in franchises across the country, each with an internationally diverse set of workers
  • Introduction to meaning of culture and its impact on the workplace
  • Review of core cultural concepts likely to influence interactions between US managers and expatriate employees

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: This can’t be as good as “real” cross-cultural training that happens in person, can it?
A: We worried about that too, at the beginning. The first computer-based alternatives to cross-cultural training – those that asked the trainee to sit in front of a computer screen alone and read and answer questions – were not satisfactory to us, and we have never offered them. Trainees need a chance to ask questions and make the material their own by applying the knowledge, with a trainer’s guidance, to their own situations. We are able to offer that experience with these webinars, by keeping the group size small or individualized, and by planning each course with your needs in mind. So – for those who simply can’t do a face-to-face training, we believe this is an excellent alternative.

Q: What hardware or software is needed?
A: A telephone and a computer with internet access. That’s all. We’ll send you or your trainees a conference-call telephone number and access code, and a link to a safe webinar-hosting site. A few minutes before the scheduled time, trainees can register at the link and call in to talk to our trainer in person. International telephone calls work, too

Q: How much do webinars cost?
A: Each webinar is priced individually based on the client's needs. Please contact us to discuss.


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